9 Tips on Creating Valuable Content for your Blog Post, and or Videos.

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Starting with Tips 1 thru 3 very quickly, you can start by asking yourself these 3 simple questions.

1. Are you answering a users question?
2. Are you trying to help someone solve their problem?
3. Are you focusing on a keyword for SEO?

Or are you doing all 3 of these in your blog post or on video. You can start with asking the question in the title of your blog or video. Remember, we are searching the internet for questions, more than just randomly browsing the internet aimlessly… Right? Then you can make it about answering the question or giving people resources to finding their answers. Like answering a question, or linking to an affiliated product that solves their problem. And yes, of course please pay attention to your SEO, and include some main keywords in your title, description, content body, and please don’t forget, to also include a call to action at the end of your content. But please, not in a spammy way ok? Lets all, please, create quality over quantity in our blog post and video content when using keywords. It is all about the value we deliver in our content. Right? I truly hope you find just that in this content that I have created for you here.

Great, now let’s cover Tips 4 thru 6, ok? Again by asking yourself these next 3 questions.
4. Are you doing a How to Blog Post or Video?
5. Are you doing a Blog Post or Video on Best X for Y?
6. Are you doing a Blog Post or Video on Top X for Y?

Again, many of us search the net for how to tips, or the top tools for a task and the best ways to get something we want to get done. Blog and Video titles that start with a number like this one get very high click through rates according to Google and YouTube. Why? Because they answer questions or solve that problem in a summarized, structured, and sequential way.

Ready for the last 3 pointers on creative content creation? Ok great, let’s go into the final stretch of this video. In this final section we cover the style of content you’re creating for your audience.

7. Is it Educational?
8. Is it Inspirational?
9. Is it Entertaining?

Based on your style, this will reflect in your tone, that you will convey your content in. So, that’s 9 tips on creating content for your blog posts or videos. I truly hope you did find value, in what I have shared with you here in this quick how to video, in 9 simple steps, and in an educational way. Are you getting the hang of this? Great!