SEO Content Marketing StrategiesAnimated Videos are widely used in Social Media because they fly under the radar of traditional advertising ads.  They tune into our childhood memories and are fun to watch, which makes them very clickable.  Maybe even irresistibly clickable.

Animation Videos in Advertising and Social Media

News Feeds and Social Media Feeds are being filled with video advertisements that are clawing for our attention.  Our Ad blindness is getting darker and darker, we are truly developing our rhino skin with all the advertising noise.  When all we want from Social Media is to be Social, not sold to.  We see the flashy expensive video ads and talking head videos but pay them no mind and just continue to scroll past them.

Text, Colour, and Graphics in Animated Videos

The bright solid background colours, with nice contrasting shiny white text, and cool graphics.  Explainer Animated Videos apply to our 3 learning senses – Visual – Remedial – Audial.    We can even capture the text content without the audio turned on if you’re at work, on the train using mobile, or in church and just board with the sermon.  You’re sucked in with the first few slides with the solid colours, bright text and moving graphics and boom we are hooked and clicking them.

Happiness Sells and Reduces Stress

We often feel happier when watching animation and less stressed if we have text with really upbeat narration as we get the message delivered three ways – Visual – Remedial – Audial.  The bright colours fill our minds with joy and warmth.  The fun and cool graphics keep us interested in the next slide and with the next one to dazzle us and give us our dopamine fix and repeating it with slide after slide, graphic after graphic.

Marketers Tuning into the Power of Animation

Now the majority of explainer videos are done with animation.  They hold the audience and are really quite fun to make.  They are very easy on the bank account as well, in comparison to the traditional and pricey video ads.

The Secret to Success with Explainer Animation Videos

Keep them short, sweet and to the point using the A.I.D.A Copywriting Model.

Ranking Your Videos

YouTube can transcribe the text and voice content if done clearly and with a good contrast, witch can result in positive SEO and Video Rakings.  Thus capturing more viewers and ultimately more sales.