Do you what to Rank Videos Quickly with Video SEO?

Ranking on YouTube with Live Video SEO & Content Marketing Strategies

Ranking on YouTube with Live Video SEO & Content Marketing Strategies

3 Steps to Ranking Live Videos on Google and YouTube.

  • How to Upload your videos so YouTube ranks it above others in your niche.
  • How to write your descriptions and ant the importance of displaying text in videos.
  • How to build Building links and awareness around your videos.

Great, let’s get to it and talk about it. Let’s start ranking your videos on YouTube and Google. Back in 2001 since the September 11th event, YouTube came out with YouTube Live, also known as YouTube Events. So the Search engines like Google could pick them up and rank them quickly.

These Videos rank higher on YouTube because they are live or most current, and with Google being fed live events buy it sister search engine YouTube and all. Google News loves live events and current news and Google Hangouts ranks it favorably because they are live.

So, you have created your video, and now you are ready to upload it to YouTube? Great!

Three Simple Steps to Live Video SEO Rankings:

Step 1:  Uploading: You can upload a thumbnail or video as a live event today, or set it to a future date. Your YouTube Channel will need to be eligible to stream live events. After this video, you can go there and follow their simple steps.

Step 2:  Titles and Descriptions: After uploading your Thumbnail or Video, you will want to include your Keywords, and call to action in the Title and Description of your live events. You can Transcribe your Videos key points so YouTube and Google can Index the Video content quickly. Especially if the is not text in your video for YouTube to Transcribe, Text in the video like in this one. Be sure to list your other social media profiles in your description as it will help your videos and other social media profiles rank on Google. It will also point your viewers to other places they can engage with you.

Step 3:  Sharing and Linking: Start sharing your Live Video across the web, like on your social media profiles and other websites you have access to. You can also ask other related sites or blogs to share your video links if you think their audience would get value from your video. All you usually need to do is share the value you think it may have with the webmaster of that site by email. You may encourage them to share it by mentioning to them that linking to relevant content across the web can help their SEO. Just a thought.

Watch the Video on YouTube:  Rank Videos on YouTube and Google with Video SEO

So, now you know how it is possible to rank your video relatively quickly in the top two search engines of today, Google and YouTube. Again, my name is John Granskou from SEO PPC Marketing Agency. Thank you for joining me in this quick how-to video and hopefully, you received some value from what we covered.

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Thank you again, Meet you at the Top!

John Granskou 

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