SEO PPC Marketing Agency is a seasoned SEO & PPC Markeing Company that offers a wide verity of Digital Marketing Services since 2001.

Services – Our main objective is to give small-medium sized and enterprise level businesses the opportunity to market their business to allow them to promote awareness of their brand, generate leads, and sales.

The Market – Our services are effective to all small-medium sized and enterprise level businesses looking for a universal, cost-effective online marketing services.

Services offered by SEPPPC.Agency:

  • Website Design and Development
  • SEO – Search Engine Optimization
  • PPC – Pay-per-click Marketing
  • SMM – Social Media Marketing
  • Online Reputation Management
  • Video SEO & YouTube Marketing
  • Marketing Video Creation
  • Email Marketing


1,  Acquisition: Start at the Top with our Services for life up to 5 keywords. A top ranking Mobile Positive Website with excellent user experience is our clients best Customer Acquisition Tools.

2.  Activation: Start engaging conversations with potential customers with searchers or researchers with high converting landing pages and follow-up campaigns. Our Clients provide their customer’s Value and Incentives with their Downloadable Mobile Apps we create for them.

3.  Retention: Mobile Apps are the best Customers Retention Tools available today by far… with Push Notifications, GEO Fencing, Social Sharing and Reviews, plus 40 other customer communication features that can build loyalty that increases the frequency of visits to our clients business.

4.  Referrals: Our clients incentivize their customers to share their Mobile App with friends, family and work colleges to get on to more devices daily.

5.  Revenue: With the 7 Rules of Success and the Customer Communication Tools you can why our clients profit a little more days from the great Customer Communication Tools we provide them. Customer Communication = Acquisition + Activation + Retention + Referrals = REVENUE

Progress is the emotion of change and it ok to enjoy it.  Give yourself credit and enjoy the feeling of Progress.  This will boost your self-confidence.  Engagement + Joy + Confidence = Progress.  The best way to build confidence is to face the challenge and experience the joy of progress.  It is called the Confidence Competence Loop.


1. Vision: To pass on our 7 Rules to you, or our Client Success and Forbes 5 Rules of Customer Communication to our clients consulting them in ways to increase profits without marketing or getting more sales.

2. Team Building: We encourage 2 main factors or mindsets to consider when you or our clients are building their dream teams.  These will lead to helping them find the right people with the best attitudes for the job.

3. Measuring: Measurement Systems that provides real-time profit reporting you regularly.  The measurement that shows what is working and creates motivation for improvement.

4. Planning: Getting input from you, or “our client” and team members with their contributions as well that lead to adopting or developing new and friendly systems that expose new opportunities.

5. Systems: Getting feedback from your customers on why they bought from you or why they didn’t buy from and went to your competition.

6. Marketing: Help you, or our client understands their best profit centres and focus on improving customer communication.  Executing increased profits for our client with Mobile Apps and Digital Marketing with the 5 Rules of Customer Communication – Acquisition – Activation – Retention – Referral and Revenue.

7. Management: Net Profit Margins are often overlooked and business sales turnover increases, results in less overall profit in a marketing campaign.  Diagnosing these issues for our clients increases both the net profit margin and cash back for our clients.








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